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Frank’s story

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When Frank was referred to us he was confined to his home due to mobility and money issues. A back and shoulder injury had left him largely immobile and changes to his benefits were putting strain on his finances. Frank had recently reached retirement age and was automatically moved from Universal Credit (under which he was getting extra support for his disability) to State Retirement Pension. This switch had disrupted some of his other benefit claims and had left him struggling financially.

During this time he was relying on the food bank because he had no money to buy food on top of rising bills. He was also in constant pain while waiting for an operation on his shoulder and this was making everyday tasks such as shopping or preparing a meal very difficult and causing him understandable distress

As reaching retirement age had changed his benefits entitlement, Frank now needed to apply for the older person’s disability benefit Attendance Allowance (AA) to continue getting support for his health. We visited him at home to complete this application.

During the visit we identified that Frank was due the Council Tax rebate but was unable to apply himself as he had no access to the Internet. We completed the application on his behalf and within a week the £150 rebate was paid.

Frank was awarded Attendance Allowance at a rate of £61.85 per week with a back payment of £800. Once he had his AA award, Frank was then entitled to extra money through his existing Pension Credit claim.

Frank is now £131.25 a week better off on top of lump sum payments totalling over £1700. With the help of his GP he is managing his back and shoulder pain while he waits for an operation. He is feeling much happier and is gaining confidence to start leaving the house more.

“I can’t express in words how grateful I am for the help I received from yourselves. I am hopeless with filling out forms, and as I live alone, and with no immediate family to help me, it was good to know that your charity was there to help me. As my health is poor and with my stress levels increasing with trying to deal with this latest case, I’m not sure how I would have coped without your advice and help.”

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