Promoting social justice and combating poverty by providing free and independent advice

We welcome any contributions, large or small. Your support really can make a difference…


can help a struggling family access emergency relief.


can help someone apply for a debt relief order.


means we can carry out a full income maximisation check for an older person.


will help us to carry out a home visit for someone with complex needs.


contributes towards preparing an appeal case and representing a client at a tribunal.

Or send a cheque made payable to “North Bristol Advice Centre“.

Why the community needs us

With your support, we help people who are in financial crisis due to debt or benefits problems, and support them to develop resilience in the long term. We can help remove debt burdens, challenge unfair benefits decisions, access justice, improve financial confidence, develop skills, increase digital inclusion and support older people to stay independent.

Our impact on the community

Last year, we helped over 1600 people, raised £2,056,449 for clients and helped them manage £1,724,493 of debt. We helped 119 sick and disabled people challenge “fit for work” assessments, with an 87% success rate at tribunal.  We kept 178 people at risk of homelessness in housing and supported 74 people to increase their digital skills. As a direct result of our advice, 82% of clients said they were in a better financial situation while 90% felt better able to manage their affairs.

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Client stories


Amit’s story

Amit’s dream of starting a business was shattered when Covid hit. With no job and no income, he accrued large debts which he was desperate to clear.

John at home

John’s story

John was struggling to make ends meet, but with a disability making it difficult to leave the house, he didn’t know how to get help.

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Connie’s story

Desperate to flee an abusive relationship, Connie came to us for help to sort out her benefits so she could afford to move out with her young child.