Amit’s story

Amit’s dream of starting a business was shattered when Covid hit. With no job and no income, he accrued large debts which he was desperate to clear.

John at home

John’s story

John was struggling to make ends meet, but with a disability making it difficult to leave the house, he didn’t know how to get help.

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Connie’s story

Desperate to flee an abusive relationship, Connie came to us for help to sort out her benefits so she could afford to move out with her young child.

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Brian’s story

When Brian was diagnosed with terminal cancer he wanted to ensure all his benefits were in order and his wife would be financially secure after he’d gone.

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Linda’s story

With no digital skills or equipment, Linda felt lost when she was required to make an online application.

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Ruby’s story

Facing a mental health crisis during lockdown, Ruby didn’t know where to turn when her benefits stopped.